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Chippewa Valley Leatherworks is a small leather shop located in Alpena, Michigan. Specializing in crafting high-quality leather goods and featuring a well-curated collection of vintage clothing and locally-made goods from other artisan makers. 

Chippewa Valley Leatherworks uses USA-made leather, hardware and tools. Each product is cut, assembled and finished by hand, in small batches, in our small workshop. 

"Lead a quiet life and work with your hands."

- 1 Thessalonians 4:11

Meet the Makers: About Us


Our Story | Tim & Meg

We grew up together and married in our small northern Michigan hometown of Alpena... we are high school sweethearts!  We have 6 amazing kids and have enjoyed many adventures together during Tim's 22-year career in the Marine Corps.

In 2019, we moved back to our hometown of Alpena and founded a new family adventure: Chippewa Valley Leatherworks. CVL was born from our shared passion for beauty, quality and creating. CVL is dedicated to providing great experiences, in-store and online, and long-lasting, beautiful products. 

- Tim and Meg Allen

Meet the Makers: About




Co-Owner | Leatherworker & Vintage Goods Curator

I began leatherworking as a hobby with just a small bag of tools, a few needles and thread. I love working with my hands. The process of conception to finishing a product is rewarding. 

Vintage clothing has been a passion of mine since my youth. I'm excited to find and offer the superior-quality and durability of well-made, uncommon items to our customers.


Co-Owner | Lead Craftsman

Sewing has been a staple throughout my life, but having always loved the creative process, I explored making using many different materials and processes. Handmade items from natural materials resonate with a tangible quality and presence that a mass-produced item cannot match.

As Tim advanced his leatherworking hobby, I started creating with him. Starting out, we made items for gifts and by-request; so as we grow, seeing each name attached to an order holds a special meaning--this remains very personal to me. 




Seeing beauty in all things, I enjoy giving life back to aged items and repurposing materials. Sewing, mending and repurposing started as a practice of necessity and evolved into an artful, rewarding hobby. 


Slow fashion and hand-crafting from natural materials evokes a sense of satisfaction because each item is unique--that item is your own. In a world of mass production, that is a powerful idea. I'm honored to assist in bringing these products to our customers.

Meet the Makers: Meet The Team
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