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"There is no substitute for the beauty of authentic materials."

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Leather is meant to be used. It ages well if cared for well.

Most leather used by Chippewa Valley Leather Works contains natural oils and will not require much maintenance. If your item needs to be cleaned, we recommend saddle soap if a clean, damp cloth does not work.

If your leather feels dry, a leather conditioner can be used. Conditioners slightly darken and patina your leather so please treat the entire item. We recommend Svede's Leather Conditioner, specially formulated for and available at CVL, in-store and online. 

Rain and wetness can be wiped off with a clean, soft cloth. Please avoid heavy rain when possible; if heavy wetness occurs, air-dry.

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At CVL we are proud of our products and our mission. We support USA-made. We use only ethically- and sustainably-sourced full-grain cow and bison leather in our products, from USA tanneries.

Sustainable leather is leather that is a byproduct of local farming and agriculture industries. It is considered sustainable because the animals are not raised for the express purpose of using their leather for goods, they are primarily farm animals.


Full-grain leather is the strongest, most durable part of an animal hide. The grain pattern in this part of the hide is very tight and it resists moisture very well. Over time, full-grain leather will look nicer and nicer, developing a beautiful patina from handling and sun exposure. This is a true natural material, not manufactured artificially or processed to perfection. Variations will be present in coloring, texture and markings. Other "leathers" used in mass-production are highly processed and infused with and coated with resins, chemicals and waxes to create a uniform product, stripped of natural variations and beauty unique to leather itself. 

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